So between items I need to fix for my day job, here’s a few snapshots of things I’d rather be doing with my time this morning.

  • Poor Lighthouse. I keep meaning to bang out more words in that novel but other things keep coming up. It’s only going to be an e-book, sure, but it’s still going to be something of a publishing credit.
  • No word from Fritz on the next book signing for Adventure on a Dare. Apparently the next one’s going to be Cabela’s, where all the sports aficionados can ask him about his canoe and the storm conditions. I’ll be there to sign copies for people and get my name out, which means I’ll need to print more business cards. Provided it hasn’t happened already.
  • I think that IT CAME FROM NETFLIX will, for now, remain a text-based feature. The video I’ll be working on for The Escapist’s Video Contest will instead deal with tabletop gaming. Alexander Macris, co-founder of Themis Group, told me personally that he wants more tabletop content on the Escapist. Days of High Adventure is a good start, and I want to help further the cause of unplugged entertainment. A video series may just do that. If I don’t suck at it.
  • Speaking of the Escapist, I’m still pitching them articles. It’ll be a couple months before I get a final answer, but I want to stay on their radar. Hopefully I’m doing so as a cool person, and not an annoyance.
  • I’m going to continue brainstorming my RPG every Monday. That way it doesn’t consume the rest of my time.
  • Also keeping my eyes peeled for freelance game-writing opportunities. I gotta start somewhere.
  • Still no word on Blood From the Underground vol 2 yet either. You’d think its release would be close to Halloween.

Back to coding I suppose. Web development might not be as glamorous or intellectually stimulating when you’re just fixing up things in a cart for someone selling silverware, but at least it pays the bills. Sort of.