Farewell to the Tube


I have almost an entire season of 24 sitting on my DVR at home. I’m going to need to watch it all in the next few weeks, since my wife and I will be moving sometime around May. When we move, it’s likely we’ll be leaving the television behind.

Well, we’ll be taking the television set with us, but the television service is another matter. This is a shame, and not just because we’re fans of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. We also like the shows listed below. I’ve gone into detail previously as to why these shows rock our collective socks, and someday I’ll talk about Bones and a few others. But, for now, here’s what we’ll be missing when we move.

I mean, we’ll still have the internet so we can probably snag episodes online after the fact, but still…


Best medical show on television.


John Noble (and Gene)

White Collar

White Collar

Burn Notice

Burn Notice (image courtesy tvgasm)

NCIS & NCIS: Los Angeles

Naval Criminal Investigative Service


ABC's Castle


  1. You can watch The Daily Show & Colbert Report on the Comedy Central website — so no worries there at least. I said goodbye to cable about 5 years ago and honestly have never missed it. The internet fulfills all my time-wasting needs quite well enough!

  2. Good for you man. Yeah, most of that stuff is on the internets. you won’t miss much. We’re thinking about dropping cable and just going with netflix/xbox combo. It’s rare that I make time to watch a show anyway.

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