Bard by BlueInkAlchemist, on Flickr

Today, the Cold Iron giveaway comes to an end. Ye Olde D6 of Fate has determined the following winners:

Nenad Ristic
Raine Barnes
Blair Turberfield

Congratulations! I will be contacting you individually to find out in what format you’d like your free copy of Cold Iron.

If you missed out on the giveaway, or didn’t realize I was even having one, don’t fret! The good news in the world of urban fantasy detective yarns doesn’t stop there.

For the next week, the price of Cold Iron is dropping to 99 cents.

This sale is happening on all three platforms: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. It may take a bit for the big boys to catch up, but trust me, the price will stay there all week long. If you haven’t gotten a copy yet, now’s a great time!

Meanwhile this week has been very busy. Between the load at work, trying to maintain something resembling a workout routine, and looking for our next home, I’ve been struggling to carve out the time to work on Cold Streets. It’s like trying to get a cut of beef from a cow that’s still moving. Not that I would try to render an animal that’s still alive, that’s just mean and cruel. Anyway, I’ve been through patches like this before, and I’ll persevere. I have a goal in sight, and I’m going to reach it. Somehow.