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Canned Goods: Lykandros pt 3

Canned Burger


Part 1 & Part 2


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Canned Goods: Lykandros pt 2

Canned Burger

While I’m over here in a corner recovering from an extremely hectic Monday, why don’t you enjoy part 2 of my semi-epic Conan character backstory.

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Canned Goods: Lykandros pt 1

Canned Burger

When you don’t have a lot of time, but still need to eat something in order to fulfill your obligations to the people paying for the roof over your head, there’s no shame in reaching for something canned. Sure, it’s not very good for you, and doesn’t taste like anything you could get from a nearby eatery or, ideally, make yourself. Sometimes, though, you need to resort to something canned to get by.

Today’s a day like that for this blog, here. I’m trying to plow through some work and find very little time to even post snark on my favorite forums, let alone put up anything significant in this space. So I’ve dipped into my former writing resources and came across something interesting.

Age of Conan wants me back. And if I weren’t pretty much done with MMORPGs, I might consider it. I love a good dark fantasy driven by story, after all, but Age of Conan’s gameplay and atmosphere just aren’t engaging enough to keep me invested in the story. All of the things that Dragon Age does right, Age of Conan does wrong, and you have to deal with the Internet dipshits on top of that.

However, I was excited once about it, and even wrote a back-story for my character, an Aquilonian conqueror. It turned out to be pretty epic. I’ll break it into three parts to get more use out of it. Here’s part one. Enjoy.

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