Wow. Feels like it’s been forever.

But here I am! I made it. I’m safe and sound, whole and unharmed. I made it across the country, some mishaps and hiccups aside, and I’ve survived the first couple weeks, with a few fresh scars to remind me that change is never easy, and people are who they are.

New beginnings are hard. It’s easier when you have momentum behind you to keep moving forward. But when you stop everything to make a major change, getting back into the swing of things is significantly more difficult.

I’m looking to get back onto a regular schedule, and step things up in other ways besides. This site, this brand of mine, needs to be expanded and promoted. My work is worth reading, worth seeing – I need to remind myself of that, and get other people to believe it, too.

So stay tuned! It’s going to get interesting around these parts.

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