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Every week (barring natural disasters or other shenanigans), I participate in the Terribleminds Flash Fiction challenge. To find these stories quickly, click the following link:

Blue Ink Alchemy Flash Fiction

Free, unedited, first draft works. Check out where the stories come from!

Miss Weaver’s Lo Mein
Posted 4/8/2013
Download the PDF (66k)

The Jovian Gambit
Posted 15/1/2011
Download the PDF (35.4k)

Citizen In The Wilds Sample Chapter
Posted 1/1/2011
Download the PDF (55.5k)

The Drifter’s Hand
Posted on 15/12/2010
Download the PDF (46.4k)

The Jovian Flight
Posted on 1/12/2010
Download the PDF (46.5k)