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Okay, ignore Vader in this one. I want to talk about Cleolinda‘s Movies in 15 Minutes. Here goes.



Seriously. Why are you still here? I have nothing to say today. I have a complete and total lack of energy and the day’s not at all gone well. So go read something that’ll cheer you up instead of depressing you. That’s what I’m doing. Here, let me make some friendly suggestions:

See here it all began with Van Helsing in 15 Minutes (“Bite my patchwork ass.”)

Plenty of love for shippers in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in 15 Minutes ( “OUTTA MY WAY, PLEBE, IT’S MY TURN ON THE HORSYBIRD!”)

Hop across the pond for V for Vendetta in XV Minutes (“What if my crazy gets you home safe and unraped?”)

Visit lovely SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAA with 300 in Fifteen Minutes (“Can you make do with a party hat?”)

Witness the horror, the HORROR that she isn’t making up in Twilight in Fifteen Minutes (No, really. She IS NOT MAKING THIS UP.)

Double the horror, double your fun in her latest, New Moon in Fifteen Minutes (“Warm your hands at my chestular fires, baby”)

So yeah. Read Cleo’s work, friend her on LJ, follow her on Twitter. She’s awesome. As for me, this day sucks, bring on another one with less suck, the end.

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  1. YES. Thank you for this. Movies in 15 Minutes is proof that Cleolinda Jones is god. That stuff is sososososo awesome. Favourites are Troy, Phantom of the Opera, 300, and the Harry Potter films. Also Day After Tomorrow.

    Also the best part of her M15M is how accurate it all is. I read 2012 in 15 minutes before I watched the film and I was amazed by how much I knew exactly what was about to happen every moment of the film.

    In conclusion: Cleo rocks.

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