I occasionally have a problem I like to call ‘magpie mind.’

I try to focus on one thing, then I get a phone call or think of something interesting, or funny, or sexy and bam, my mind’s elsewhere. I have to wrestle it back into place and it’ll stay there… for a bit.

This could be some form of undiagnosed ADHD or simply a manifestation of the typical gamer’s attention span. It could also be my desire to break out of day job routines that has me mentally meandering. Either way, it can be detrimental to getting things done on time.

This ‘condition’ along with the few of dayjob projects I currently juggle caused me to fall behind on my blogging routine. Better the blog suffers, however, than my day job performance. I still need the paycheck, after all, and the blog doesn’t give me one. Despite efforts to provide a service people will pay me for through this portal, I’ve only gotten special requests a few times. That’s the way of things, I suppose, and it’s not going to stop me from trying.

I can’t help but feel like I’m letting you down as readers, however. I want to post interesting, relevant, thought-provoking and occasionally humorous things here, be they thoughts on writing, reviews of movies or critical cage matches. There’s more of that to come, I promise.

It just isn’t going to happen today. I keep getting distra- ooh, shiny.