Today’s a day where people gather around a table with their families and express thanks at good things that have happened, or continue to happen, over the past year. It’s one of those highfalutin’ “tradition” things. But lately there have been a lot less thankful people out there. They don’t seem thankful for much of anything, save either the freedom of speech or the anonymity of the Internet.

They’re upset at the government. They’re upset with movies that are being made. They’re upset with design decisions driving new games and expansions to existing ones. And they’re very, very upset that people disagree with their opinions.

I will admit I’ve fallen into this trap myself from time to time. If you’ve tuned into the Classholes Anonymous podcasts at all, more than once you’ve heard me sipping on some Hateraide. I really enjoy smart entertainment and get a little irked when clever stuff gets bumped for something that panders to less discriminatory tastes. And I’m bitter about the decisions I made in my life that kept me from being where I am before now.

But that last part’s on me. The entertainment thing is something I don’t really have a say in, other than the occasional Facebook group and giving my money to distractions more worthy of my time and investment. As for the hate, I try to keep it in check. It’s not good for myself or those around me to lash out at the slightest things that irritate me.

However, there are a lot of people who don’t keep their rage in check. Any little slight or change to the status-quo and there will be gallons of hatred flowing through the Intertubes. Fox News’ pundits and their associated bloggers and other cronies seem to thrive on discontent, digging deep for even the slightest flub to blow out of proportion into a political scandal the likes of which hasn’t been seen in our lifetime. Hyperbole mixed with ignorance breeds blind hatred, and that never ends well. Just ask the victims of the Inquisition, the Holocaust or anyone who’s ever found a burning cross on their lawn.

I’m not saying hatred is an invalid emotion that should be suppressed, but spewing vitriol indiscriminately isn’t going to help anybody. Channel that emotion in some constructive way. If you disagree with someone or something, find a way to express that disagreement in such a way that the flaw you perceive is presented more as a polite critique than a call for revolution. I think you’ll find your argument will be taken a bit more seriously, and you may just cause the source of the problem to see the situation in a different light.

Otherwise… seriously, folks. Quit yer bitchin’.