Once again, not nearly as interesting as Chuck’s, but at least there’s something to jabber about.

the brain

I’m not sure if they were looking for my thoughts on brainy characters, or just the smart mouse that runs around with Pinky.

troll wow, wow troll

Still on the search for troll boobs, I’m assuming.


Again, this is a little ambiguous. Were they looking for a specific tale of the Caped Crusader? My general thoughts on the goddamn Batman? I haven’t talked about Batman all that often but there’s no end to discussion when you really get into it. Is he crazy, or just very dedicated? Is his “no killing” rule a good thing or a stupid decision? Who among his wards looks the best in Robin’s outfit? So on and so forth.

team fortress 2 heavy female version

Rule 34 aside, this is an interesting idea. What would the TF2 Heavy look like were she female? Would they go for a svelte Russian femme fatale like the Black Widow or Molotov Cocktease? Or should she be a husky russkie, swaddled in furs and hunting down sandviches? I wonder…