Courtesy Wizards of the Coast, Art by David Tidd & Mark Tidd
Courtesy Wizards of the Coast, Art by David Tidd & Mark Tidd

Since there is an arcanist in the party, it’s very likely her knowledge came from somewhere. She is a wizard, not a sorcerer, meaning her abilities came to her through study rather than appearing spontaneously. The knowledge of wizards in the lands beyond the Nentir Vale flows from a single place, the Tower of the Arcane.

Located on the southern shore between Fortune’s Harbor and Meloravia, the Tower of the Arcane is the bastion of higher knowledge throughout the land. Pilgrims from every corner of the Empire search for it, but it can only be found by those who have been there previously. This means that only apprentices who travel with their masters can find the Tower. The Tower is administrated by the Five Archmages, studied arcanists chosen by their peers after decades of continued research and correspondence.

Throughout all the changes of power and political and military struggles, the Tower has remained staunchly neutral. The reasoning of the Five Archmages is that magic itself holds no allegiance, therefore they should not. This caused many refugees from war-torn areas of the land to seek the Tower, but without a wizard with them, most either were forced to turn back or became lost forever.

Upon taking power, Emperor Lysander issued an edict for the Tower to open to him and pay homage, but as he is not an arcanist, the Five Archmages refused. The Emperor sent a regiment of his troops, backed by Iron Circle mercenaries and priests of Bane, to find and take the Tower. None have yet returned. Wizards have also withdrawn from the court of the Emperor, with only one remaining to serve him as an advisor. However, upon saying something the Emperor didn’t like, Lysander had the man’s tongue removed. It grew back thanks to magical healing, but the wizard has since kept his own counsel. Bane’s men are eager to try new methods of shutting him up.

For now, the Tower and its secrets remain closed to all save those few who carry their power in tomes, scrolls and the forgotten lore of the arcane…