Courtesy WoWHead

My sister gave me this lovely gift for Christmas. I’ve always wanted a scale Firelord following me around, serving as my personal cook fire and immolating nearby critters. I don’t know if he actually does the latter part yet. We’ll see.

So am I the only one who feels like this snow storm we got on the east coast of the US came out of nowhere? It could be because I’ve chosen to pay less and less attention the mainstream news media in this country, and the BBC doesn’t often mention little things like snowfall unless it’s a major event. I did a bit of running around this weekend, though, and might have missed the pertinent feed.

Either way, it’s on the ground now. And in my house, in point of fact. There are two tiny snow drifts just inside our back door. I’ve informed our excellent landlady of this and I’m sure it will be resolved soon. I wouldn’t have minded if we hadn’t once again run out of heating oil.

However, we got the oil delivered today and after some shenanigans, the missus and I got the heater restarted. So despite not being at the office, it’s been an eventful day.

And we haven’t even had brunch yet.