IT CAME FROM NETFLIX! The Emperor’s New Groove VIDEO

At last… IT CAME FROM NETFLIX! as I’ve envisioned it.

Please provide feedback, comments and criticisms. I want to make this series better.

Also, if there’s a way to make this player default to 360p, I’d love to find it. 240p is icky.


  1. That was fun to watch! Loved what you did with it.

    The only criticism I could give is that perhaps you might want more consistency in the size of the images. Try and keep them around the same size, otherwise a series of smaller images might make it seem like the borders of the video suddenly get stretched out.

    Other than that, I must say I enjoyed this and would love to see another video like it.

  2. A lovely first effort.

    I would suggest a more uptempo music for the opening and ending though. The chosen music was solemn and not in keeping with the tone of your work that, unless mistaken, attempts to be professional while still being entertaining. I suppose it just felt like Hitchcock title graphics around a Disney film. Kinda weird, and somewhat like you’re going to take us to a dark room and ask us to look at the snake in your trousers.

    Top notch though, niisan. Keep it up.

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