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The hardware issues I’m having at the workplace have me thinking it’s time to revamp the system at home. And this blog shouldn’t go untouched either. This layout’s gotten a bit cluttered and I’d like to replace it with something a bit more polished and professional. I dug around WordPress Theme Base, but I’m uncertain of which one to proceed with.

Black Abstract is a more austere type of Soul Vision but it could lead to similar clutter issues. The Scroll, Papyrus and Blak Magik all feel a bit gimmicky. On the other hand, themes like deCoder seem a bit generic.

If anybody out there has helpful suggestions on where to find better themes, please let me know. Meanwhile I’ll be here, either recovering from a lost morning of productivity or giving the system at home a good scrubbing.

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  1. Definitely like abstract best of the ones you listed. #2 black magic, #3 papyrus then scroll. You’re right it gets a bit gimicky. Using elegant grunge myself and like it a lot for the simplicity.

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