Courtesy the excellent xeedee

Once a month, instead of flash fiction Chuck calls upon his readers to contribute in a worldbuilding exercise he’s doing. One of the few things we know is:

The gods walk among men but are forgotten and unrecognized. Nobody believes in them anymore.

Some say the gods are dead; others simply do not remember them. I took this notion and ran with it along with my affinity for trickster spirits, and came up with the following for his latest challenge.

Men may have forgotten his name, but once they called him Brightflower, Smirk or simply the Jackal. He can assume any form of any size he wishes, but prefers to walk as a man among them, since they’re so amusing to him. He toys with their perceptions, slipping secrets between his half-truths, but he never lies.

Despite his cheerful, playful and jocular demeanor, he’s still got a temper. The other gods tried to curtail his shenanigans by helping men call him a lord of lies.

In response, he helped the people of Blackbloom forget the gods – including himself – ever existed.

I guess we’ll find out soon, as Chuck is taking the challenge to a biweekly schedule. This will get interesting!