The Thinker

I once again find myself needing to admit: “Yeah, I got nothin’.”

As I’ve said before, not every brick that drops out of the sphincter of my mind is going to be a golden one. I spent most of my pre-commute hour staring at a blank screen trying to make words of meaning appear. They never did. It was a lackluster start to the final day of a rather disappointing week.

Oh, I got some things done, to be sure. Seeing The Avengers over the weekend kicked ass, but I did make more progress on Cold Iron. But I got some rejection letters back, I totally flubbed more than one debate, and the dayjob has just been kicking my ass in general. Thankfully, it’s just about over.

I’m going to put this one in the books, grab relaxation when I can over the weekend, and try to start fresh. As long as I learn something from the past, I’ve no need to dwell on it.