Flash Fiction: Stella’s Corner Hitching Post

Clear Heels

This one was tough. For the Terribleminds Game of Aspects (Halloweenie Edition) the d10 of Destiny dictated:
Southern Gothic
Evil Awakens!
Strip Club
Stage Magic

Hoo boy. Happy Halloween!

It was another hot, muggy night, but the wind was low, meaning the mugginess was not supplemented by the heavy, muddy water of the bayou. Still, it was the sort of weather that drove men from their sweltering places of work and the oppressive presence of disappointed wives to the red lights and cheap drinks at Stella’s Corner Hitching Post, where the ladies wore a fine sheet of sweat for reasons other than the weather.

Sugar fought down the urge to step out the back door and light up a cigarette. Quitting was proving more and more difficult, but her promise to her son was ever-present in her mind. Candy walking in and hanging up a light robe that smelled like Marlboros right next to Sugar’s tiny makeup table and mirror didn’t help matters.

“I should not have worn these heels.” Candy looked down at the clear, long stilettos currently strapped to her feet. “I’m going to trip and break something next time I go out there.”

“Child, you’re a pro. You’re going to be fine.” Sugar tugged at her white string bikini, knowing the stage lights would bring out the extreme contrast between the scant garment and her skin. “You know the guys like you in heels like that. They make your butt look fantastic.”

“We’re not all naturally endowed like Hecate out there.”

Sugar frowned, peeking around her mirror towards the stage. Hecate was dancing to something slow and sensual, grinding on her pole and shooting smoldering looks out at the audience. A newcomer, she was quickly rivaling Sugar as the most sought-after girl at Stella’s. In addition to her looks, she was known for using things like slight of hand and the occasional pyrotechnics element in her routines.

“Still not sure where Stella found her.”

“I’m not sure she did.” Candy was changing into her black bikini, preparing for the insanely popular double-show she did with Sugar. “Word ’round the sewing circle is that Hecate sauntered into Stella’s office and pretty much demanded a job.”

Sugar turned back to the curtain and the view beyond. While most eyes in the main room of Stella’s were on Hecate’s hips and other curves, Sugar found herself looking at Hecate’s fingers. Each nail was painted a different color, almost all of them were earth tones, and the way she moved her fingers seemed to have little to do with beckoning men closer to the stage. It made Sugar extremely uneasy.

The men started to shift in their seats, and not in the usual way of Stella’s customers. They all leaned towards the stage, transfixed by Hecate’s movements and gestures, and when the roving spotlights shifted away from them, pinpoints of red appeared in their eyes. Hecate began to laugh, spinning on the stage, raising her arms above her head. She finished her turn facing backstage, and her smile only brightened at the sight of Candy and Sugar.

“Sisters! You really should join me.”

Candy, shaking, moved to obey, but Sugar put a hand on her shoulder.

“What’re you doing to them?”

“Giving them a brand new show with more magic than usual. You know how men love a show.”

Sugar took a closer look at the audience. “They look hypnotized.”

“Darling, they’re men. They get hypnotized when you take off your top.”

“But this… why are you doing this?”

“The aggression of men’s done more to hurt us and our world than anything else; it’s time we used it for ourselves rather than let them do what they want.”

Candy blinked. “How does that make us better?”

Hecate shook her head. “Precious child. These sorts of men claim to want freedom and equality, but do you feel equal when you need to be up here shaking your ass to feed yourself?”

“There’s nothing wrong about what we do. If you object so much to how men treat us, why come here in the first place?”

“Sugar, my dear, you don’t seem to understand. I’m not here to entertain. I’m here to right wrongs that have waited centuries to be righted. Words always fail so action must be taken. These men will act as I want them to act, and no words will be necessary to make things right.”

“And what you’re doing is right? I don’t see how. You want to make these people into puppets! That’s just as wrong!”

Hecate shook her head. “I’m sorry you feel that way, Sugar.” She snapped her fingers.

Men rose from the seats nearest to the stage and surged towards Sugar. She backed away towards the dressing room and the back door she knew was twenty paces behind her. Hecate moved in behind the half-dozen men she’d summoned to the stage, smiling as they reached for Sugar.

“You see? Even under my influence, child, men are only after one thing.”

Rough hands took hold of Sugar as she fought back. She nailed one of them in the groin with the tip of her heel, another she bit on the hand, a third she scratched across the eyes. But more were coming, and it was getting more and more difficult to see Hecate, or Candy.

There was a dull thud from somewhere in the crowd. One by one, the men collapsed, and finally Hecate swooned, falling on top of them all. Candy stood behind her, a bottle of champagne in her hands.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I didn’t know what else to do.”

Sugar got to her feet. “It’s okay. It’s okay, Candy, you did the right thing.”

Candy nodded, though her hands still shook. “Well… what do we do now?”

After getting more clothes on, Sugar and Candy found quite a bit of cash amongst the sleeping patrons of Stella’s. They opened beers throughout the club, and left Hecate atop her pile of men. Sugar grabbed her cell phone as she and Candy walked out.

“Stella, it’s Sugar. Hecate tried to throw a private party at the Post. I thought you should know…”

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  1. I saw Stage Magic and steered clear. Happy to see you used it to such effect! The depth of conversation between Hecate and Sugar is a little out of the blue considering the context… but then again, it’s flash fic, right?

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