Courtesy terribleminds
Courtesy terribleminds

I’m willing to admit that I look up to Chuck Wendig to what may be considered a less-than-healthy degree. And recently, he made a proclamation over on his blog. This is a spectacular idea: writers who take the time to establish structure for themselves seem to be more successful. The ‘plotter’ versus ‘pantser’ argument could possibly happen in the wake of me saying that, but let’s deal with that another time.

Blue Ink Alchemy has only dabbled with structure before. IT CAME FROM NETFLIX! used to run every Friday, and if Chuck puts a Flash Fiction Challenge up on Friday, I get my entry up on the following Monday. I think this is an idea worth sticking with, so I’m going to give it a crack.

If I’m off somewhere away from home or am otherwise indisposed for whatever reason, I may interrupt the schedule, but barring such things, here’s what we’re looking at.

Mondays – Flash Fiction

On the weeks when Chuck doesn’t get a challenge up for whatever reason, I’ll use the Brainstormer to determine what will be written. I need to add a genre reel to it, but I have to thank my boss to showing me this thing regardless.

Tuesdays – Writing/Creative Advice

Since I’m a writer and I put this thing together to communicate with and support other writers, it seems appropriate to relate some of my thoughts and experiences on the craft. Mostly I just want to make sure I don’t lose too much momentum between the hustle and bustle of the day job and enjoying the steady pay of said day job.

Wednesdays – Reviews

I’m a bit behind on my review schedule, and I don’t want to get too rusty in writing critically about the media I consume, so every week I’ll review a book, or a video game, or a movie, or some other form of entertainment. Who knows, I might occasionally do an ICFN if I find the time, motivation, and shell out for a decent enough microphone.

Thursdays – Gaming Discussion & Theorycrafting

Most weeks this will be Magic theorycrafting, but occasionally there will be an Art of Thor post, something related to tabletop gaming, or a post on gaming etiquette or writing in video games or an after-action report of some kind.

Fridays – Writer Reports

Just a general state of affairs when it comes to my actual writing, if just to remind myself to write more (or art harder, as Chuck would say) in order to actually finish a manuscript in a somewhat timely manner.

So tomorrow I’ll be reviewing something! Stay tuned.