So Cold Streets is clipping along. I’m still waffling a bit on how to set up Godslayer, be it Lord of the Rings style multiple books or a large novel divided for the sake of narrative, like in Tigana. I have my eyes peeled for opportunities to write for contests or anthologies, and of course I’m quite curious as to what today’s Flash Fiction challenge will be. But apparently, my brain is unsatisfied with these writing opportunities.

I was in Barnes & Noble the other night, after taking the missus to Cracker Barrel for dinner. We were wandering around the stacks, after finding a couple novels of interest (Throne of the Crescent Moon and The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms) and a few other items. It was she who pointed out the shelves dominated by what was labeled “Teen Paranormal Romance”, and we both noted how many of them looked like shameless, tawdry Twilight knock-offs.

“Damn,” said she, “you gotta get yourself some of that action.”

And immediately, my brain began giving me ideas.

What if the girl’s the vampire? Would that be too sexualized? Not if you write it right, obviously. But vampires are everywhere! It’s got to be something else. Can’t be zombies, either. Warm Bodies has that covered. Hey, what about mummies? Nah, doing that already. Werewolves! Tied into vampires now, thanks a fucking bunch Ms. Meyer… What about ghosts? Witches? Ancient pirate curses? Love-beams from space? Talking cats?

I have to admit, I’m rather proud of myself that I didn’t either take an awl to my temple or drink myself into oblivion just to shut the damn thing up. But as much as some might scoff at the fad of teen paranormal romance, there’s nothing that says that it’s any less a viable genre than any other speculative fiction. And if much of the output of the community there is dross and drivel, the opportunity exists to write something that isn’t either of those things, that basically shows the others how it’s done. Being the arrogant and narcissistic sod I am, this appeals to me.

I want to work more on Cold Streets and get Godslayer nailed down outline-wise first before I add that to my plate, though. I know I should ABW, but I can only keep so many balls in the air at the same time. No matter what my brain might say.