Courtesy Penny Arcade

I’d love to have something insightful or meaningful to say about writing or storytelling this morning. The truth is, I’m all but tapped out. I’m gearing up for PAX East 2013, where I will be working as an Enforcer. Unfortunately I am more stressed than I am excited; there’s a snag with the scheduling and things could end up inconvenient for a friend of ours travelling with us. I’m trying to get that untangled so the maximum number of people can have the best PAX experience possible. We shall see what happens!

Between this and my workout regimen I’m pretty beat. Carving out time for writing has been somewhat difficult, but last week I knocked it out of the park. This week, I suspect, will be a little less productive on that score. Tonight I hope to prepare at least a couple of posts to keep us on our schedule here, though I’m unsure what I’ll be reviewing for tomorrow’s post. Thursday I’ll probably blather a bit about dipping back into System Shock 2 and how PC mods make old games just as playable today, and Friday I may talk about the wonders of Boston.

In any event, this is a week I shall not soon forget, for better or for worse.