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I will be the first to admit that I am a work in progress. The person I am now is not the person I want to be, and I have goals I continue to work and struggle towards. The work is not always clean, and nowhere near as ordered as I would like. Change does not happen overnight. I still have a solid idea of how I want my schedule to look, but I can’t flip a switch and make that happen, unfortunately.

With a pending cross-country move, loose ends to tie up here, and all sorts of other obligations and diversions, it’s been difficult to nail things down and stick with them. More than anything, though, I’m trying not to focus on my failures. I’d much rather spend my time setting up for future success, even if it means my goals aren’t being realized as expediently as I would like.

I’m simply trying to keep myself honest and moving forward. Not to mention sane. I’m hopeful that, by this time next month, the path forward will be clearer, and something that I have defined for myself.

It’s never too late to start over, to try again. It’s only quitting if you stop trying.

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  1. We’re all works in progress, of course, but I’ve witnessed your dedication to growth and have been really impressed. You are considerably better than most at realizing when you could’ve done something better and working to do it better next time. Actually, you’re a bit *too* good at it.

    What I really mean is that you can be too hard on yourself, apologizing for things when you owe no one—not even yourself—an apology. Self-improvement is hard enough, that it doesn’t do to worry about doing it too hard, and it is safer to err in that direction, but I will suggest that as you grow more comfortable with it, and appreciate all the progress you’ve made, that you remember that chiding yourself a little over time is at least as bad as external parties doing it to you, and that you’ve earned more than a little grace (and we all get some grace regardless). Mistakes aren’t always failures; mostly they’re just how we learn.

    Maybe. I’m no expert.

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