Courtesy LucasArts

So Balthazar, my desktop PC, is currently bricked, awaiting a new power supply. My laptop, or more appropriately, “Craptop”, has officially crapped out once and for all. I’m hammering this post out on my iPad, using a tiny bluetooth keyboard, which is not ideal for extended periods of typing. I’m still writing out notes and thoughts for the new novel, awaiting feedback from test readers of the novella, and on the hunt for a day job. In other words, I’m fine, but my equipment isn’t.

Early – very early – tomorrow morning, I am flying back to Allentown to spend the holidays with my family. I will be back after New Year’s, and I’m hopeful that I can finally lay out the changes I want to make to Blue Ink Alchemy to further promote my business and grow my brand – things I never thought I’d say with a straight face. It will make for an interesting new year, that’s to be sure!

Until then… yeah, yeah. Boring conversation anyway.