I don’t do a lot of stream-of-consciousness things on this blog. Most of the time, if I have to vent about a mental or emotional boondoggle, I use Tumblr or Pastebin. But today finds me posting later than I’d like, with no subjects I’m comfortable or confident in providing to you, so here’s me doing a stream-of-consciousness brain-dump in the hopes that it will inform, inspire, or at least entertain someone who reads this.

I don’t like filler content very much. Filler arcs in anime rarely do anything for me. They can be fun, for certain – I think the Android portion of DragonBall Z before Cell shows up is technically filler, but the three cyborgs on a road trip is still a fun time. It’s actually one of the problems I had with the TV adaptation of Game of Thrones – a couple of story points felt more like filler than anything, And then there’s all of the other issues that have emerged there.

While writing this I got a call from a source of work that is also a source of stress. Such things tend to disrupt my stream of consciousness in a very arresting and frustrating way. This is an internal process that doesn’t work as smoothly or easily as I’d like. I try very hard to not let my mental and emotional difficulties spill out into my professional interactions, or even my capacity to listen to and assist people I care about. But that’s getting into some of that Tumblr/Pastebin territory I discussed.

I’m hopeful for the future, but trepidatious for it as well.