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Web Alchemy

Mission Statement

The creative mind is like a thoroughbred horse – it requires a firm but flexible grip, one that does not allow the beast to run wild, but also one that permits some leeway, lest the creature rail against its control and fight to be free. Just the right balance of control and detachment puts new ideas on the path to greatness. You know what you want, but permitting your trajectory to follow its own course allows for growth, stays agile in the face of inevitable setbacks and lends a sense of adventure to the overall process.

They’ve called it “the information superhighway.” If you want to travel on it, you’ll need a good vehicle. ‘Good’ is a subjective term – maybe you want something you don’t have to worry about, or perhaps you’re looking for a high-precision machine stuffed with power and bursting with cool gizmos. Either way, you need someone who understands both the beating heart of an Internet vehicle and how the paint’s going to look to visitors after everything is said and done.

That’s where I come in.

I take the ideas that float around the subconscious mind and make them manifest. I find new ways to get things working. I get my hands dirty. It’s messy and magical all at once. I turn dreams into gold – one jot & scribble, one line of code at a time.


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Custom Essence

Custom Essence

Custom Essence is the company behind many components in today’s top fragrances. These components are chemicals, and chemicals need regulation. In addition to an easy to use and visually appealing website, they needed a searchable, printable document repository, updated from server-side data files on a nightly basis. With a canny combination of cron jobs, PHP scripting and some interesting plug-ins, Maiden Media Group made it happen.

Michael Reslan

Michael Reslan

With a shop overlooking Manhattan’s best real estate and boasting suits the likes of which Don Draper could only dream of, Michael Reslan came to Maiden Media Group looking for a site that conveyed his sense of style and the grandeur of the lifestyle indicative of one of his tailor-made designs. With a focus on the high quality and sophistication of the brand image, Maiden Media rose to the challenge. The results, like Michael’s suits, speak for themselves.

Waterfall Jewelers

Waterfall Jewelers

Waterfall is a family owned and operated full service jewelry store. They recently introduced the Pandora line of customizable bracelets in their stores. Built in Flash, integrating SQL data fed through AJAX and tied into the Pinnacle eCommerce solution, the Build-a-Bracelet app was a team effort that yielded fantastic results.

Ellipsis Enterprises

Ellipsis Enterprises

A non-fiction, academic and scientific literary agency, Ellipsis needed a clean, professional site with a scalable portfolio for descriptions of their best clients and their best-selling works. The brochure site that went live might be small, but it’s packed with features that give the client the agility they need and the site’s visitors all the information they could want.

Specialty Ring Products, Inc

Specialty Ring

Specialty Ring Products, Inc., had an older site, and needed something with a little more flair. They wanted to draw attention to their patented forging process and track record of success. A JQuery-driven drop-down menu for easy navigation, a series of CMS-driven pages and multiple forms protected with real-time AJAX validation fit their expectations nicely.

GoreCon Inc.

GoreCon, Inc.

Contracting with residential developers and municipal departments alike, GoreCon wanted to ensure all of their clients were well-informed. In addition to CMS-powered pages regarding their services, they sought the means to quickly update visitors on weather conditions and other news. The answer? A WordPress installation, customized to match the design of the site. The result is a coherent, clean and attractive site that will serve GoreCon for years to come.


Basic web development – HTML, CSS, website JS: $75/hr
Advanced coding – ActionScript, PHP, application JS: $100/hr
Troubleshooting & correspondence: $50/hr

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