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Honor & Blood
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Cadmon's Coat of Arms

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House Luxon

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Raised to lordship in the wake of the First Blackfyre Rebellion, House Luxon held some minor lands in the woods of the North until the castle at Moat Cailin was restored.

  • GODDARD LUXON, Lord of Moat Cailin and Gatekeeper of the North, a man of six-and-forty years, carrying the heirloom greatsword JUSTICE,
  • His family:

    • His wife, ELYSE SUTHERLAND of the 3 Sisters, aged four and forty years,
    • His eldest son, VICTOR, veteran of the Greyjoy Rebellions, a burly warrior of five and twenty years,
    • His daughter-in-law, JAINE FREY, married to Victor, a sheltered and immature girl of nine and ten years,
    • He second son, CEDRIC, a untested youth of six and ten years,
    • His daughter-in-law LYSANNE MORTMUND, a courteous girl suffering from greyscale, aged four and ten,

    His household, bannermen and allies:

    • His steward, JOHN NUREM, a businessman and merchant,
    • SAMSUN CRAY, captain of his guard, rumored to be a warg,
    • FENG, a silent retainer and bodyguard,
    • MAESTER CHRYSANDER, an advisor and teacher,

    The sellsword cavalry unit THE SILVER COMPANY, sixty strong,
    Luxon’s house infantry, two hundred strong,
    Luxon’s house cavalry, sixty strong,
    Various servants, cooks, smiths and workers, one hundred in all.

The house arms are azure tincture, a squirrel rampant argent with acorn or. Their words are Death before dishonor.

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