Writer’s block is the bane of many an author’s aspirations. Even with posts like this, it’s difficult to put words down. Inspiration comes and goes, and sometimes the harder we push to write just one more sentence, even one more word, we feel stuck. How do authors combat this? Read on for strategies, tips, and tricks to break down that block between you and a finished work.


My first tip for breaking writer’s block is simple: read something!  There are quite a few reasons to do this, and I’ll also suggest a couple tips to get the most out of a session of reading.   It might seem straightforward, but there is actually a method to follow if you want to push past that annoying writer’s block as quickly as possible.

Why read?

First of all, if you read what you’re interested in, especially if it’s in the area where you want to write, you’re likely to find inspiration.  For my part, I started writing because the stories I felt needed to be told weren’t being written, or perhaps I could write them better.  Reading new works coming out today make sure that the readers are still interested in my stories.

There’s also the fact that by reading new stories, you get a sense for the competition.  If you check the bestseller lists, or follow the hype, and read some of what most people are reading in your genre, you’ll see why the stories are selling in the millions.

Tips for reading

  • Don’t read at your computer or writing desk.  Find a well-lit, comfortable place and put a book or magazine (or even a comic book!) in your hands.  Besides relaxing your eyes a bit, the tactile sensations will take you out of the frustration inherent with writer’s block.
  • Take your time.  Don’t skim, if you can help it, and pay attention to little details and conversations within the dialogue.
  • Jot down notes.  Have a pen and paper handy and write down ideas that come to you as you read.  Even if they turn out to be ideas you don’t use, it’ll engage the creative centers of your mind.
  • Relax!  If you can’t enjoy reading, how can you enjoy writing?

These are just a few tips off the top of my head.  Ironically, I’ve got a bit of writer’s block!  So I’m off to grab a bite to eat and read something.