Escapist Video Contest


Well, the entries are up, and “Powerless” is among them.

It’s currently on the 3rd of 4 pages of what appear to be very solid entries.

You can leave comments here and vote (if you think it deserves it) here.

In retrospect, there’s more I could have done with it.

8:15 AM One comment so far, and not a positive one, but hey… made it to the front page for now.


  1. I liked it. For future reference on videos like that, definitely speak more slowly and deliberately. I actually lose about 25% of what you’re saying, which is not ideal, because I want to hear what you’re saying.

    — c.

  2. Speaking quickly is a bad habit of mine. At least this one is mostly intelligible – 75% isn’t that bad!

    I’m glad the sound quality turned out okay.

  3. Voted and commented! My only gripe is the audio. As Chuck has already been pointed out, we lose some of your monologue. I think that can be fixed in the future with a better mic and slowing down your speech. (It’s not just you; a lot of us have a tendency to speak like an auctioneer on speed when we’re either nervous or excited.)

    My other gripe is the Escapist doesn’t have some sort of closed captioning option on their site for those of us who are hearing impaired. *grumbles*

    You did a good job with this and even if you don’t win, I think you should keep doing this video series for your blog/website. Perhaps even start a YouTube Channel. I totally dig it! (And John laughed his ass off, too.)


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