Where’s Captain Pendragon?


Remember Captain Pendragon? I’ve been making an effort to keep in touch with Polymancer Studios on the work but so far the efforts have been fruitless. I still think the work is viable and, looking back on it now, could use some tweaking or perhaps even expansion and clarifying.

Since I will unfortunately be missing out on VACATION HELL due to saving the work-in-progress to the wrong place yesterday (I blame the old cheese, long story) my mind has turned to other projects. The pitch is still in need of polish before shooting off to Query Shark, I have a D&D campaign to plan, Alchemist At Sea is kicking around in my head especially now that I’m reading more George RR Martin, and I have until the 29th to figure out if I really have the time, material and gumption to give IT CAME FROM NETFLIX! the video treatment for the Escapist’s competition this year.

But what of Captain Pendragon? It’s a fun little escapist romp (bit of a segue, see what I did there?) that isn’t difficult to write and should have a broad audience appeal – steampunk, adventure, post-apocalyptic, characterization, etc – yet I hesitate to move forward with anything related to it given it’s current limbo status. I’ve sent a final missive to Polymancer pursuant to publishing the first little bit of it, but since I haven’t seen anything with their signature on it, the rights are still technically mine.

So do I wait to hear from them? Or do I move forward?

Do I take it as-is to Duotrope? Find time to edit & expand it to make it better? Perhaps even lengthen it to novella-size and toss it up on PubIt?

Give me your thoughts, Internets. I’m feeling a little lost here.


  1. (You know that V HELL is good till the close of the day, right?)

    — c.

  2. @Chuck: I’m assuming “close of the day” isn’t the same as “end of business”?

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