On Lethargy

Epix took this.

This is Lazy Seal. My wife loves Lazy Seal. The entire time we were at Mystic Aquarium this past weekend, that seal didn’t move. It lay on that rock, sunning itself, near cool water if it wanted a swim. It knows a human will be coming around eventually to feed it fish. It doesn’t have to hunt or defend its territory. That seal’s got it made.

There are days when we, as humans, feel like Lazy Seal. The humidity goes into triple digits, the temperature skyrockets, oil falls from the sky to kill the wildlife and we question the relevance of our actions. We do this mostly by being unmotivated to do anything significant. We play games. We look for amusements on the Internet. We sit, we sweat, we suffer from lethargy.

Unfortunately, unlike Lazy Seal, we don’t have it made. (Not all of us do, anyway) We have to work. We have to do something to make money. Bill collectors, landlords and creditors are unsympathetic towards lethargy. So, we need to fight it. We need to get off the couch, peel ourselves away from the leather office chair that faces our monitors, and go out to do something.

This is something I could use help with, folks. I’ve been feeling rather lethargic lately. How do you fight it? What sort of diet keeps the lazy seal feeling at bay? Should I be working out more? Lay some knowledge on me.


  1. I would hate to be Lazy Seal. It’s okay every once in a while, but I get bored so easily. I need to have things going on or else I’d go crazy and kill all of you (you know who you are).

    As for fighting that lazy feeling? Maybe playing less World of Warcraft would help. 😉

  2. The experts say that a good diet, cardio exercise, and a full night’s sleep will give you plenty of energy.

    For those of us in the real world, I found massive amounts of caffeine helps.

  3. My advice? Grow a beard.

  4. Food really is the key to combating lethargy sometimes. Good healthy foods, not a ton of sugars, etc.etc. — helps me, at least!

    — c.

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